Scientist - Proteomic Biostatistics

Uniquely positioned to enhance quality of life in aging, we are pioneering science that is rapidly being translated to the clinic. Our approaches utilize in vivo, proteomics, and molecular techniques to identify therapeutics and apply them to patients. We are seeking a highly motivated and driven scientist who will serve as the key biostatistics leader for Alkahest research. The role will be to lead, advise and assist in the statistical, data analysis, and informatics aspects of the setup, evaluation, and interpretation of large scale proteomics/biomarker and other biological studies. The studies will involve cutting edge science and require innovative concepts and strategies. They will be enabled by unique, high quality and technologically advanced datasets, allowing findings to push at the forefront of the field. The interpretation of such data is critical in advancing our therapeutic understandings and is pivotal to the company's mission. The role requires dedication to drive science, flexibility, excellent communication and organization. The position will require interaction with a team of scientists and research associates to drive multiple projects in parallel. We offer a competitive compensation package.
•Serve as the key biostatistics leader for Alkahest research
•Innovate to make fundamental discoveries through statistical analysis and data mining
•Perform the statistical design of large biomarker and other proteomics research studies, including power analysis for replication estimation
•Develop optimal workflows, scripts and software tools, and apply them to analyze large scale proteomics and other omics datasets
•Develop and apply data analysis tools specifically for mass spectrometry-generated proteomic data
•Assist in interpretation of analyzed data including pathway analysis, development of novel analysis methodology and visualizations
•Apply computational tools to mine both public and proprietary databases
•Ensure completeness, correctness and integrity of analyses and datasets
•Engage externally to apply cutting edge processes and ensure recognition in the scientific community including publications•Ph.D. in Statistics, Biostatistics, or related field
•Significant experience (4+ years) working with multiple types of large scale omics data
•Solid knowledge of bioinformatics principles, tools, and databases
•Programming/scripting skills in languages such as Python, Perl, or R
•Strong team spirit but also ability to work independently
•Creativity, ability to think outside-of-the-box
•Attention to detail, good communication skills

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